Passionate about living and sharing the saving love of our gracious God, the people that make up Sovereign Grace Fellowship are faithfully commited to let the Scriptures be our rule and guide as concerns life and worship. We shun the worldly atmoshphere found in so many churches today, and seek a modest simplicity that both honors our Savior and keeps us free from the trappings of ritualistic form.

First meeting together as a group in March of 2017 and formally constituting as a church on September 3, we are Baptistic in our theology and practice. You can learn in more detail what we believe by clicking here. Our two elders (Bros. David Mitchell and Warren Whitesell) preach and teach from the King James and New King James Bibles, respectively. However, we are not of the "King James only" crowd. Bibles are available to anyone visiting who does not have their own.

Our congregational singing is primarily that of traditional hymns rich in the theology of God's grace, love, sovereignty and the work and Person of Jesus Christ. We observe The Lord's Supper usually once every month, and on those occassions we afterward share a fellowship meal together on the premises. Visitors are most welcome to join us for these "potluck" style feasts, and never need to worry about being an imposition.

Taking the example of our Lord's own public ministry and what we learn of the early church, our Bible Study and Worship hours are inclusive of all ages, in the same room. We believe the few minor distractions of our littlest ones are a small price to pay for the spiritual influence such an arrangement can have on growing children and the family as a whole.

We do not adhere to a dress code, you'll see coats, ties, dresses and blue jeans. We do encourage modesty and respect for others in what we wear, and a mindfulness that we've gathered together to meet with a Holy God.

There's much more to know about us, but the best way to learn is to see for yourself! Feel free to visit us any time! If you want to ask any questions before you come, just call 765-233-2344. You'll find our email information, our address and a map on our Contact Us page.